Exciting Tips for Sprucing up Your Fence

A fence is more than just a barrier around your home – it also serves as an aesthetic feature. If you’re unhappy with the way your fence is looking, we’ve put together some simple ways you can rejuvenate it. Or, if you think it’s beyond saving, you can always get in touch about replacing it with a brand new fence!

Stain or Paint

The simplest way to transform a fence is to give it a new colour.

You should use high-quality paint or stain. This ensures that your fence will have a long-lasting finish and that it won’t change much in appearance over time. If you are painting a steel fence, make sure you thoroughly remove the old paint before applying the primer.

Decorative Post Caps

Post caps are an easy way to continue your home’s décor into your backyard. They also provide a level of protection from the elements.

Choose from a variety of decorative post caps including high point post caps, plateau post caps, ball post caps, post points, metal post caps, or wooden post caps.

Lighted Post Caps

Lighted post caps are a great way to add ambience and a little magic to your fence-line. From dramatic to functional and everything in between, lighted post caps come with bases in metal or wood. The post caps themselves are made of glass or metal. You have an array of choices, especially when it comes to colours, lighting features, and type of power, such as low power, LED, or solar-powered.

Decorative Accents

Accent pieces can be made of glass, pewter, iron, ceramic and wood. Decorative accents are like pieces of art meant for the outdoors. Choose a decorative feature that withstands outdoor elements so it doesn’t rot or otherwise get ruined. Lightweight pieces that won’t damage the fence’s structure are also better.

Wrought iron pieces are one option. They will hold out better against everyday wear, tear and weather and they’ll look great on your fence!

Lattice Work Overlay or Top

Latticework overlays add another dimension of design to your existing fence. They also serve as a great foundation for vines. Vines can grow up the lattice framework adding more greenery and even more dimension to your fence.

Incorporating lattice work on your fence is a great way to add both beautiful form and practical function. You can install a lattice work top to let in light and air without obstructing views while still enjoying the security provided by a higher fence.

Post Trim Bases

Post trim bases can coordinate with your decorative post caps or be different altogether for a slightly eccentric look. These skirts or bases add a finished look to the base of each post and can be uniquely sized to create a perfect fit.

Replacing Your Fence – the Easy Option

If you think your fence still needs some extra attention, consider completely replacing it. Instead of covering up or distracting from blemishes, a new fence will replace them altogether. New fences are attractive, affordable, easy to install and available in a range of styles and colours.

If you’re looking for advice on how to revitalise your fence, or you’re looking at replacing your old one, talk to the team at Awards Fencing. Our Perth-based experts can provide Colorbond fences and gates and much more!