Securing Your Home with Gates and Fences

There are many benefits to adding high-quality gates and fences to your home – from increasing its resale value to completing your home’s look. But a big one that is sometimes overlooked is safety and security. Adding automated gates and quality fences to your property can help keep you and your family, as well as your possessions, safer.

How Automatic Gates Keep You Safe

The main ways automated gates keep you safe are:

Creating a Barrier

Automatic gates offer peace of mind for homeowners by increasing the level of security around your home. Through the use of monitoring systems and access control, you can have greater control of who enters your property – and who is kept out!

Automatic gates are also good for keeping young children and pets inside the property where it’s a safer and a more controlled environment. Automatic gates can also be designed in narrow slats, creating more privacy for you and your family.

Children Are Precious

Automatic driveway gates are a crucial consideration for child safety. Sadly, every week in Australia one child – normally a toddler – is run over in the driveway of his or her own home. In the bid to cut down the number of fatal driveway accidents, it is recommended that homeowners install child-resistant fencing and self-closing gates at their home. Reliable and secure driveways gates can help to ensure young children cannot wander onto busy streets or into the neighbourhood

Security Benefits of Fencing

Residential burglary is one of the most common crimes in Australia, and having a secure Colorbond fence or another boundary fence is a useful deterrent.

A fence is literally a barrier to your home, making access more difficult to enter illegally. But not just any fence will do:

It Needs to Be the Right Height

Although there is no such thing as a perfect height for a home fence, you should erect one that keeps potential intruders out without making your home look unappealing.

Your fence should be high enough that it can’t just be leapt over, but not so high it feels like a castle wall. If you are erecting a fence on the boundary between adjoining properties, make sure you get a survey done to confirm the official boundaries.

The Right Stuff

The material you use doesn’t just determine the look and character of your fence. It also lays the foundation for its durability and security. Ultimately, your fence should complement the aesthetic of your home without compromising its security function. Construction materials for fences vary and include wood, aluminium, brick, stone, vinyl, and steel wire. In selecting a material, bear in mind how much you’re willing to spend, the durability and strength you’re after, and whether it’s high or low maintenance.

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