Creative Ideas for a Fence That’ll Impress

If you’re looking to update your old fence or get a new one installed, try thinking outside the box. A fence is a design feature for your home as much as anything else, and while there’s a lot to be said for a classic look, boldness has its place too.

Think beyond picket fences, aluminium slats, and basic Colorbond fences – there’s a whole world of interesting choices, combinations, materials, and unexpected applications waiting for you. From chalkboard walls to bubbled acrylic to perforated copper, we take you through some of the strangest and most exciting fence ideas around.

New Takes on the Basics

Whether you want a fence made from wooden slats or steel poles, design choices can make these basic materials more than the sum of their parts. Try installing them at varied heights, on a curve, or following a snaking pattern.

Get Arty

Accent your fence with interesting materials. A chalkboard incorporated into the fence will make the yard all the more imaginative and engaging for the kids. And water is all it takes to keep it clean.

A Pool Fence That Bubbles

If you have kids, then you need a sturdy conventional pool fence. However, if safety is less of a concern, this is a great place to experiment with materials. Reflective materials like plastic poles, or bubbled acrylics, will reflect the water in interesting ways. If you have lights around your pool the effect will be even greater at night.

Stone and Wire

Outdoor stone is nothing new, but try putting together a fence created from piles of stone corralled with metal baskets — it will feel strikingly sculptural and industrial.

Blend Textures

If you want something eye-catching but not too extreme, try mixing and matching colours. For example, you could have a deep brown wooden fence, overlaid with polished perforated copper. That gives you a look that’s metallic and earthy, modern and traditional!

Break the Monotony

Try breaking up a wall fence with vertical rods in strategic locations. This solution is ideal if you want to maintain security without blocking a beautiful view.

Use Levels

Instead of building the entire fence at one uniform height, consider different heights in different spots. Go higher where you want to block a neighbour’s view, but go lower where you might catch a better glimpse of an evening sunset. This can be practical and it also increases visual appeal.

Interrupted Flow

If you are using wooden or metal slats, alternate between a horizontal and vertical direction for the planks. This is an easy pre-installation design switch that lends itself to a fresh look.

Get in Touch

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