What is Aluminium Screen Edging

Stability and price that can’t be beaten!

Your clients will love you!

There is nothing easier to work with than our patented (pending) “aluminium screen edging”! Your creations will look amazing, and because they will never rust or fall over you and your clients will be delighted.

We believe that the time saved, added to the affordability of our edging, which can be shaped in many ways will make Aluminium Screen Edging first choice for professionals and their clients.

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Our product has been developed in partnership with installers and customers who asked us to produce a more stable and affordable alternative to whats available on the market today. You are the experts and you’ll love it!


Lengths- 3 m
Heights- 40 / 50 / 75 / 100 mm


Corner Joiners

40 x 50 mm | 75 x 100 mm | 10 pack


40 x 50 mm | 75 x 100 mm | 10 pack

Spike Guides

For use with 75 x 100 | 10 pack


150 mm | 300 mm | 10 pack