AliTimber is an aluminium extrusion that is taking the building industry by storm. Alitimber is an aluminium made product that has the beauty of a finished wood look while not having the ongoing hassle of maintenance that wood would have. Alitimber is used heavily for fencing & gates in and around Perth for our clients though it is not limited to these.With many innovative uses, and aesthetic colours and designs, AliTimber is the perfect touch to complete your home!


  • Slatted gates
  • Fencing
  • Infills
  • Screens
  • Louvres
  • Security Purposes
  • Privacy Block Offs
  • Bin Enclosures

And many more. Ask us today!


AliTimber is custom designed to meet the needs and tastes of the client. Awards Fencing custom make all AliTimber gates in our warehouse, and fabricate infills and screens on site.

Slats can alternate between sizes or be of one consistent slat size. The gap size between the slats is also chosen by the client; however the minimum gap has to be 2mm to allow for heat expansion during warmer months.  However be mindful to check your shire regulations when determining your gap size.